We work with women to identify which

daily habits keep them from losing weight permanently


Unlock the secrets to permanent weight loss

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Our transformative coaching program designed exclusively for women who are tired of the relentless battle with weight loss, cravings, and erratic eating habits. Say goodbye to fad diets and short-lived solutions.

Are you done tearing yourself down with the crappy self-talk and ready to build yourself up?

We understand that real change starts from within, which is why our program focuses on empowering you to cultivate consistent habits for lifelong success.

No more yo-yo dieting or feeling trapped by your cravings. It’s time to reclaim control over your health and happiness.

Under our guidance, you’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation. From personalized nutrition plans to tailored fitness routines, we provide you with the tools and support you need to thrive.

But it doesn’t stop there.

Our emphasis on mindset ensures that you develop the mental resilience to overcome obstacles and stay committed to your goals.
Join a community of like-minded women who are dedicated to rewriting their stories and embracing a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle. Don’t let another day pass you by.

Meet Your Coaches

Lisa Balsdon

I am a dedicated Holistic Nutritionist specializing in helping both men & women identify which bad habits keep them from losing weight permanently. When I competed in bodybuilding for many years, I later struggled with understanding what a holistic balance looked like for me after those years. I was left with body self image issues around always wanting to be “buff” because that was “perfect” to me in my mind, and the effects of losing weight and gaining weight while competing on and off for a number of years took a toll on my mind and body.

I gained weight after my competitor years, causing hormonal imbalances and a very unhealthy mindset around habits. I felt like a stranger in my own body with no proper support.

Experiencing the effects of this type of unhealthy dieting led me to spend several years building and testing a habit stacking system that includes key fundamentals for life and ones that I live by everyday. This system is fully implemented into each coaching program I offer.

I hold a Diploma in Holistic Nutrition with Honors at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition in Canada and a Diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture. In addition, I am a Certified Personal Trainer with CSEP and a Certified Yoga Teacher.

For the past 25+ years, I have been supporting both men & women on their health journey in helping them reclaim control of their health, lifestyle, and fitness.  

I introduce these amazing clients to the key fundamentals for life and show them how to take imperfect actions at reclaiming themselves by implementing our 3 pillars of exercise/movement, nutrition and mindset which helps them gain control of their lives.

Penny Hounsome

I was a competitive athlete for most of my life that started with Ballet and Figure skating and ended with racing Olympic distance triathlons. My whole identity was wrapped up in what my body could do and my self worth was locked into how my body looked. 

Sports gave me many gifts but it was also a way to numb out the emotional pain of my childhood by focusing on outward success.

At a young age I learned to measure my worth with the size of my clothes and to “look the part” on the outside while hiding my trauma on the inside.

My inner critic developed into a loud, angry constant companion and it took many years of opening up, working on releasing & honouring my pain. I started my personal growth with the book, “What do happy people know” to heal my past trauma and I’ve been on a journey of transformation ever since.

Diploma in Fitness Studies from Seneca College,
Diploma in Holistic Health Coaching
Second Level Practitioner in clinical applications of behaviour medicine from the NICABM
Certifications in Life Coaching & Nutritional Counseling,
Certified CSEP – PT Certified
National Strength & Conditioning Coach
Level 2 Marathon & Level 3 Triathlon Coach
Yoga Instructor for both Ashtanga & Yin yoga. 
Wellness Retreat Facilitator
Audited Courses from;
Stanford University, Rhodes College, the University of California on:
Stress on the body,
Practicing Mindfulness,
Secrets of Sleep Science,
Mind-Body Medicine and more.


A healthy outside starts from the inside.




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