Physical & Mental Wellness has been a life long struggle.

I grew up in the most picturesque little town north of Toronto, King City. It was an amazing place to grow up. The community revolved around Hockey and family and I spent most of my youth on the ice Figure Skating, going to Ballet and Jazz Lessons and being part of the Girl Guides of Canada. From the outside, everything looked perfect.

My true life was far from perfect. I was being sexually molested by my Grandfather for most of my youth and then sexually abused by 2 other family members during the same time frame. I felt alone, depressed and developed an ongoing unhealthy relationship with death.

I spent many hours thinking about Suicide, it took me years to finally overcome those dark thoughts. I poured myself into sports to escape, everything from weight training, marathons and triathlons. I went from one activity after another, developing one injury after another and unable to stop. Always looking to escape I married young and had two fantastic kids.

The amazing part of being a Mom, they gave me the strength to start my journey to healing. They gave me the strength to stand up and confront my abuser and take him to court. Unfortunately, that also resulting in standing up for myself against my Husband.

While going through a divorce & battling for custody, I continued to find my inner strength and I put myself through College for my Fitness Degree, which turned out to be just the beginning of my Education. I have continued to expand my education over the past 25 years in Health, Fitness and Wellness.

Specifically, towards PTSD/Anxiety and depression. There has been a lot of learning and a lot of living since that first moment of growth between learning, starting my own business and raising my kids.

Then in 2010 the worst tragedy imaginable happened. My Son was airlifted to a hospital in Toronto… after spending 20 days in the ICU at St. Mike’s hospital we had to make the final decision to take him off Life support.

I watched my beautiful boy as he took his last breath. At the age of 20, I buried my Son. I have endured many things in my life, but this was the hardest to come back from and my darkest days would hit.

I have always believed in one true thing, “there is always someone worse off than me,” that has been a driving force to continue, to push forward and grow as a person, and a Health Coach.

It does not take away from my experiences, it helped me grow from them. When You have lived a lifetime with abuse and trauma it builds up. The result is PTSD and Anxiety. I have spent a decade learning how to overcome and manage the symptoms of PTSD and Anxiety and this is the knowledge, support and understanding I bring to you, how to deal with real-life situations.

We don’t get to choose our life, but we do choose how to respond. I have responded with strength and determination. Everything I believe in comes from within and our Health and Wellness is the starting line both physically and mentally.

This is the opportunity I bring to you. Are you in a place ready to make the next jump forward into healing and mindset? My hope for you as you work through this program is to come away with more insight into the changes we all still need to make. 

Spending time during the course will also give you a better understanding of who you are and what you want and what to ask for it. With the courage to do it!

I encourage you to start your journey today and watch how beautifully your life opens up! 

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